Ear Candling

What are Ear Candles?

The Hopi people of Arizona, USA handed down the tradition of ear candle healing. They used them to induce a trance like feeling in their initiation rituals. Ear Candling is sometimes referred to as Thermo-Auricular therapy or Thermal Auricular therapy.

The candles used here are based on the traditional Hopi candle, and are made from 100% beeswax and pesticide free cotton. They also contain Sage for its antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties, St Johns Wort to balance and Chamomile to soothe.

What happens in an Ear Candling session?

The candles are a gentle and natural alternative to ear syringing. The heat from the candle eases pain and discomfort in the ear. The ingredients impregnated in the cotton vaporise and are drawn down the hollow centre of the candle via a 'chimney effect'. The treatment takes up to 60 minutes and includes a short consultation, ear candling for both ears and a head and face massage to enhance the effect of the candles.

How can Ear Candles help me?

The ancient therapy of ear candling has been practised for hundreds of years to treat a wide range of ear, nose and throat conditions. It's a non invasive, relaxing and soothing treatment which can help to create a "healthy head".

Ear Candling is also a great treatment to have when recovering from a cold or 'flu, or simply to de-stress and clear the head. The aromatherapy effects of the candle promote relaxation and stress reduction.

Ear Candles may also be purchased for use at home, price £9.95 per pair. Or buy 4 pairs and get one free here.

Are there times I cannot use Ear Candles?

Ear candles cannot be used in the following cases:
if the ear drum is perforated
if grommets or other such drainage devices are in place in the eardrum
if the outer ear is infected or inflamed
if you are allergic to any of the candle ingredients
if antibiotics are being taken for an ear, nose or throat problem
if root canal or other dental work has left the face sore
if a cochlea implant is in place

Your therapist can advise you in such circumstances.

When is Ear Candling available?

Home / Office visits by appointment Monday to Saturday

How much does Ear Candling cost?

£40 (60mins) - includes 1 pair ear candles

Payments can be made to your therapist by cheque, cash, credit or debit card.

Where can I learn more about Ear Candling?

The Body Guide has some further information here.

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