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I received the information and clear guidance that I needed. My depression has lifted in just a few sessions and Ali continues to provide me with the tools for transformation. A gentle and sympathetic practitioner, I highly recommend her. Beverley, Haywards Heath, July 2010

"I found your sessions to be hugely changing and transformative but not all at once. It was only later that I realised the full extent and power of the changes. I feel happier and am enjoying my life more than ever before, thank you."
Tom Lawrence, Acupuncturist, Edinburgh, November 2010

Mission Statement

Ali helps to create a world she wants to leave behind for our children's children.
She is deeply committed to promoting sustainability for the local community and the world at large. She is works with right heart, right mind and right action.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Energy practices set the immune system free to function optimally and bring us into balance. When we unblock the immune system, equilibrium happens naturally. When we unblock the chakra system, emotional well being is accelerated, and we can return to a state of calm and equanimity.

Shamanic healing helps us to trace the root of the problem and change an affinity for the issue within our energy system. This, in turn, can free us from old binding thought patterns and behaviours and connects us to the infinite possibilities available to us.

You have an energy body as well as a physical body. Your energy body contains information that programmes health or disease in your physical body and mind. This information comes from your family history or life experiences, even past life experiences.

Ali's Mesa of stones, her medicine bundle, contains her own wounds, the healed wounds, the memory of the stories that once lived within her. They have been through rites that connect them to her teacher, Dr. Alberto Villoldo and his teacher, through the Inca medicine peoples and through five thousand years before that.

The shaman works with her highest heart energies, creating a safe space for deep inner work to be done if needs be. She keeps the path clear, remaining disengaged and in a place of stillness. She works with the client's highest potential in mind, steering clear of illusions and old stories that have been long out of date. She helps the client make their own decisions from a centred and grounded place.

What to expect in a session

All shamanic work is conducted in a very safe environment and is strictly private and confidential. During a session you remain fully clothed. The process involves a free 15 minute consultation where you are given the time to talk about the presenting problem. The process then continues by placing you in a very comfortable position - preferably lying down, where the shaman will use two acupressure points at the back of your head (this is the only hands-on contact you will receive) to place you in a very relaxed and deepened state.

A session with Ali can last for either one or two hours. It helps to be very clear about the issue that you would like to deal with even though this may change. After the session we will discuss with you any homework or lifestyle change that may be necessary to support your healing process.

How will I feel after Shamanic Healing?

You can expect to feel lighter, clearer and more at ease with yourself after only one session. This feeling will be instantaneous because we are working on the luminous energy field; the effect of it will take a little time to filter through to the physical body and may be quite different to the way you imagined it to be.

What conditions can Shamanic Healing help?

An Illumination is helpful when:

* You feel stuck in a behavioural pattern which continues to repeat itself
* You are struggling to heal from traits (health or emotional) that are part of your ancestry
* Emotional traumas of your past continue to haunt you and do not respond well to other healing modalities

Extractions help:

*Inexplicable mood swings or personality shifts
*Substance abuse, binges, or uncontrollable addictions

Symptoms of soul loss include:

* Chronic depression
* Apathy, numbness, lack of vitality or fatigue
* An unhealthy connection to any individual, past partner or family member
* A feeling that you are watching your life from the outside
* Chronic illness or a weak immune system
* Feelings of emptiness which you try to fill with external things
* Difficulty staying present in your body or having memory gaps
* A propensity towards addictions or destructive behaviour
* In extreme cases there can be multiple personality disorders, a complete inability to function, or coma



We regret that Shamanic Healing is not currently offered at Equilibrium. As an alternative, we hope that we may be able to offer you one of our current 32 therapies here, and look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

If you are a practitioner, please call or email as we'd love to hear from you.

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