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If you've found this site useful, please link to us so that others can benefit.

How to link

1. Link with text

The simplest link to make is a text link. Link the words 'Equilibrium Complementary Health Centre' to the URL

2. Link with an image

If you wish, you can use a bar with our name and logo:

Equilibrium Health Centre
16 Station Street
East Sussex
Tel: 01273 470955

How to copy the logo

You are welcome to link to the logo on our web server. Or, if you prefer, you can take a copy of the image you wish to use and save a copy to use on your own site.

To save a copy, place the cursor above the logo. If you are using a PC or Unix-type system, click and hold down the right mouse button; on an Apple Mac hold down the single mouse button. A small pop-up menu will appear after a few seconds, offering you a "Save Image As..." or "Download Image..." option to save a copy of the image to your local hard drive. You can then link the URL to the image.

Linking to your site

If you think that your site should be listed on our links page, please send an email with the URL of your site's front page, and a short (less than 100 words) description of the site's content to Please note that including a link to Equilibrium's site is no guarantee of Equilibrium providing a link to your site.